Learning All About Auto Body Repair Services

A Few Tips For Saving Money On Auto Body Repair

Any damage to the body of your automobile seems to stick out like a sore thumb. It will make the vehicle worth less if you want to sell it and if you report the damage to your insurance company may make your premiums increase. Unfortunately, what you would consider very minor damage may end up costing quite a bit of money. Here are a few tips to help you save money on auto body repair. Read More 

Answers To Questions About Dent Repair

Do you own a car that seems to be a shopping cart magnet? Are you tired of your car being covered in multiple dings and dents? While having a car with dents in it won't make the car more difficult to drive, the car will certainly be less appealing until you can get those dents out. But if you've never had any dents fixed before, you may be wondering about the process. Read More 

Been A While Since Your Heavy Duty Equipment Had Routine Services? Three Reasons Why You Should Come In

Heavy duty equipment, such as the kind you and your crew operates every day, actually needs more routine maintenance, not less. If it has been a while since any of your equipment has had routine services, it may be time to bring it in to an auto body shop that does heavy equipment repair. Here are three reasons why you should schedule an appointment and go in to a shop now. Avoid Engine Fires Read More 

4 Auto Body Repair Services That Will Help Your Car Keep Its Value

When you think of an auto body repair service, you may be thinking about auto body collision repair after an accident. This is just part of the services they provide, and there are other improvements that can be done for your car. The body repair shop can help with things like improvements to help your car hold its value or improve it. If you want to know what an auto body repair shop can do for you, here are some of the services they will be able to help you with: Read More 

Three Things To Know About Tipping Your Mechanic

When you're getting ready to leave your local auto shop after you've picked up your vehicle following a body repair job, you might feel momentarily anxious about whether you should be tipping. You wouldn't leave your hair salon without tipping, nor would you simply pay the tab at a restaurant after a good meal and walk out the door. Thanking your mechanic is one thing, but the last thing you want to do is have an awkward encounter because you aren't sure if tipping is the norm. Read More